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Hello and welcome to the pages of Loddon Explorers! We have 4 bases currently, which run on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

  • Lost-Moor Explorers: Monday, 7:30-9:30pm
    Leader: Hugh Leach
    Location: Paddick’s Patch
  • Out-Back Explorers: Wednesday, 7-9pm
    Leader: John Hancox
    Location: Paddick’s Patch
  • Wilderness Explorers: Friday, 7:30-9:30pm
    Leader: Stuart Johnson
    Location: Paddick’s Patch
  • Spitfire Explorers: Wednesday 7-9pm
    Leader: Malcolm McGuirk
    Location: Aldryngton Primary School

We do a wide range of activities, from pioneering to bin bag fashion, night hikes to kayaking, all of which are decided by the Explorers, for the Explorers.

The Lost-Moor, Out-Back and Wilderness Explorers meet at Paddick’s Patch:

The Spirtfire Explorers unit meets at Aldryngton Primary School:

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