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Meeting & Expedition Timetable + Fund-Raising Diary
U = Full Uniform Required (Y or N) S = Scarf Only Required
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When Day What U Where At Needs
20/03/19 WedDofe - First Aid - Session 6YPaddicks19:00pm to 21:00pm
22/03/19 FriPioneering 2 - ProjectY19:30pm to 21:30pm
25/03/19 MonRadio ComY19:30pm to 21:30pm
27/03/19 WedDofe - First Aid - Session 7YPaddicks19:00pm to 21:00pm
29/03/19 FriCoral ReefYCoral Reef, Bracknell19:30pm to 21:30pm
01/04/19 MonHikeY19:30pm to 21:30pm
03/04/19 WedDofe - First Aid - Final AssessmentYPaddicks19:00pm to 21:00pm
05/04/19 FriWide GamesYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
06/04/19 SatLake District Walking TripYLake District05:00am to 16:00pmInfo Form
09/04/19 TueLake District Walking TripYLake District05:00am to 16:00pmInfo Form
12/04/19 FriEaster Holidays - No MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
19/04/19 FriEaster Holidays - No MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
26/04/19 FriOrienteeringYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
29/04/19 MonFireYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
02/05/19 ThuModule A - Prepare for take-offY1st Twyford19:30pm to 21:30pm
03/05/19 FriNo MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
05/05/19 SunCar Boot FairYStonor Park07:00am to 16:00pm
06/05/19 MonBank Holiday - No MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
10/05/19 FriFirst AidYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
13/05/19 MonWide GamesY19:30pm to 21:30pm
17/05/19 FriFirst AidYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
19/05/19 SunSupercar Charity EventYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm
20/05/19 MonMini PioneeringYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
24/05/19 FriRaft BuildingYDinton Pastures19:30pm to 21:30pm
27/05/19 MonHalf Term - No MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
31/05/19 FriHalf Term - No MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
02/06/19 SunVW RallyYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm
03/06/19 MonBoard/E-GamesYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
07/06/19 FriNight HikeYTBC19:30pm to 21:30pm
10/06/19 MonBackwoods CookingYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
14/06/19 FriMountain BikingYThe Lookout, Bracknell19:30pm to 21:30pm
15/06/19 SatFood FestivalYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm
16/06/19 SunFood FestivalYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm
17/06/19 MonCyclingYTBC19:30pm to 21:30pm
21/06/19 FriPaddle BoardingYDinton Pastures19:30pm to 21:30pm
24/06/19 MonSheltersYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
28/06/19 FriBoard GamesYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
29/06/19 SatJoustingYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm
30/06/19 SunJoustingYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm
01/07/19 MonDrop HikeYTBC19:30pm to 21:30pm
04/07/19 ThuYL BBQ CelebrationY19:30pm to 21:30pm
05/07/19 FriNerf War and BBQYPaddick's Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
08/07/19 MonRaftingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
11/07/19 ThuGilwell 24YGilwell Park18:00pm to 16:00pmTBC
13/07/19 SatGilwell 24YGilwell Park18:00pm to 16:00pmTBC
12/07/19 FriNo Meeting - Gilwell 24Y19:30pm to 21:30pm
15/07/19 MonSummer PartyY19:30pm to 21:30pm
19/07/19 FriNo MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
26/07/19 FriNo MeetingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
22/08/19 ThuStonor Craft FairYStonor Park18:00pm to 17:00pm
26/08/19 MonStonor Craft FairYStonor Park18:00pm to 17:00pm
01/09/19 SunCar Boot FairYStonor Park08:00am to 17:00pm

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