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Meeting & Expedition Timetable + Fund-Raising Diary
U = Full Uniform Required (Y or N) S = Scarf Only Required

When Day What U Where At Needs
31/01/22 MonLost-Moor KaraokeYPaddicks Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
02/02/22 WedEmergency AidY19:00pm to 21:00pm
02/02/22 WedOUTBACK - ShootingNPaddicks Patch hut 19:00pm to 21:00pm£2
04/02/22 FriNight HikeY19:30pm to 21:30pm
07/02/22 MonLost-Moor Night HikeNTBC19:30pm to 21:30pm
09/02/22 WedTalent EveningY19:00pm to 21:00pm
09/02/22 WedOUTBACK - TBCNPaddicks Patch Activity Trail and hut 19:00pm to 21:00pm
11/02/22 FriClimbing / Dodge ball @ QASY19:30pm to 21:30pm
14/02/22 MonLost-Moor ClimbingYTBC19:30pm to 21:30pm
16/02/22 WedFire and CookingY19:00pm to 21:00pm
16/02/22 WedOUTBACK - Fires and cookingNPaddicks Patch Fire Circle and hut 19:00pm to 21:00pm
18/02/22 FriTBCY19:30pm to 21:30pm
21/02/22 MonLost-Moor Half Term - No MeetingN19:30pm to 21:30pm
23/02/22 WedNo Meeting - half termY19:00pm to 21:00pm
25/02/22 FriNO MEETING, Half TermY19:30pm to 21:30pm
28/02/22 MonLost-Moor Can Shooting & GamesYPaddicks Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
02/03/22 WedKnots and LashingsY19:00pm to 21:00pm
04/03/22 FriTBCY19:30pm to 21:30pm
07/03/22 MonLost-Moor FirelightingYPaddicks Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
09/03/22 WedNight HikeY19:00pm to 21:00pm
11/03/22 FriBowling Comp all nightsY19:30pm to 21:30pm
14/03/22 MonLost-Moor Cowboy CookingYPaddicks Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
16/03/22 WedPioneeringY19:00pm to 21:00pm
18/03/22 FriTBCY19:30pm to 21:30pm
23/03/22 WedSurvival SkillsY19:00pm to 21:00pm
23/03/22 WedLost-Moor SwimmingYCoral Reef19:30pm to 21:30pm
25/03/22 FriTBCY19:30pm to 21:30pm
28/03/22 MonLost-Moor Wide GamesYAshenbury Park19:30pm to 21:30pm
30/03/22 WedTreasure HuntY19:00pm to 21:00pm
01/04/22 FriCaving @ 89th ReadingY19:30pm to 21:30pm
04/04/22 MonLost-Moor TBCYPaddicks Patch19:30pm to 21:30pm
06/04/22 WedTentsY19:00pm to 21:00pm
08/04/22 FriTBCY19:30pm to 21:30pm
11/04/22 MonLost-Moor - Easter, No MeetingN19:30pm to 21:30pm

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